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The question of when to replace your heat pump usually comes up only when you turn on the heat… and it doesn’t! And then you have to figure out if it can be fixed, or you need a new unit. These are some of the signs it may be time to upgrade.

The Heat Pump Is Acting its Age

Is your heating having “senior moments”? A unit over 10 years old could be due for replacement any time. Changes in technology and efficiency mean many household benefits of a new heat pump, but heat pumps also have a limited lifespan with the mechanical wear and tear of the job they do.

It’s Starting to Sound Like a One-Man Band

Forced-air heating shouldn’t generally be noisy, so if you’re hearing percussive sounds out of your heat pump—and especially if they are getting louder and more frequent—the end may be near. Booming, banging, popping, grinding, squealing, and other concerning sounds can signal significant failures soon to happen.

“Is It (Not) Hot in Here, or Is It Just Me?”

If your home is generally energy-efficient (and especially if your air conditioner isn’t having trouble cooling your home in warm weather), then heating inconsistencies (hot spots/cold spots) can indicate your heat pump is wearing out. In our more mild climate, a healthy and well-maintained heat pump shouldn’t have trouble keeping up, so it’s important to not ignore this sign.

You’re Afraid to Open the Utility Bill

How much you pay for electricity can vary as seasons change, but if you’ve recently seen huge jumps in utility costs, it could be due to your tired heat pump working harder than it should.

You’re on a First Name Basis with the Repair Technician

You may be maintaining a comfortable temperature with your aging heat pump, but if it’s due to excessive repair visits, it’s time to retire it and replace with a new unit.

Moving Expenses

If you’ve been planning a move and making do with an old heat pump, do yourself a favor and upgrade the unit. You’ll get the benefit of greater indoor comfort, and will increase the selling value of your home.

It’s Good to Be an Upgrader

You’ll realize several benefits right away from replacing your heat pump and upgrading from one past its prime:

  • Lower heating bill: your new system won’t have to work as hard as your old unit, plus efficiency improvements over the past couple decades translate to less energy use and cheaper bills.
  • Even and consistent heating: hot/cold spots and temperature swings will be a thing of the past (unless your home is drafty—and then it’s to your advantage to improve your insulation and sealing).
  • Safer operation: concerns about a failing system and potential mechanical, or even fire, hazards can be put to rest.
  • Warranty: your new unit will be covered by the manufacturer and you’ll have several years of peace of mind.

If it’s time for you to replace your heat pump (or air conditioner), give us a call or reach out!

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