HVAC service you can count on to keep your system performing at its peak—for only $89!

  1. Brush Clean Your Evaporator Coil

    A cleaner indoor coil will give you better air flow. We recommend that you have your evaporator coil pulled and cleaned every 3 years for best performance.

  2. Bactiguard® Your Evaporator Coil

    This will help keep all bacteria and mildew from growing on your evaporator coil for better indoor air quality.

  3. Wash or Replace Air Filters

    You can order filters through our home delivery program. It is recommended that you replace your filters monthly.

  4. Clean Out Drain Pan

    Algae will build up in your drain pan and cause odors. We recommend that you put pan protectors in your pans to prevent this build up.

  5. Flush Condensate Drain Line

    The biggest cause of water damage for your home is a clogged up drain line. We vacuum out the drain lines to prevent this from happening.

  6. Blower Wheel Checked

    The technician will check the blower wheel inside your air handler and make sure too much dirt and mildew has not built up causing damage to your blower wheel.

  7. Refrigerant Leak Inspection on Air Handler

    Early detection of a refrigerant leaks can save large repair bills.

  8. Tighten Electrical Connections

    A loose electrical connection can cause damage to your wiring and parts.

  9. Oil Blower Motor

    Not all motors need to be oiled. Lubricating helps to increase the life of your blower wheel.

  10. Air Handler Visual Inspection

    We check your air handler for any worn or burnt parts that may potentially cause problems in your system.

  11. Clean Leaves and Debris

    We remove the top of your outside unit and make sure everything is cleaned out of the bottom to prevent rusting.

  12. Clean Condenser Coil

    A dirty condenser coil can cause damage to your compressor and condenser fan motor.

  13. Clean Condenser Cabinet

    We wash down the outside of the unit and remove the debris that may be building up around the bottom of your unit.

  14. Tighten Screws on Cabinet

    We make sure all screws are tight on cabinet and check the Schrader caps to be sure they are in place.

  15. Insulation on Copper Lines

    We check to make sure insulation has not been torn off the copper line set running down the side of the house and connecting to the unit.

  16. Level Thermostat

    Depending on the type of thermostat that you have we can make sure it is working accurately.

  17. Refrigerant Pressure Readings

    We put our refrigerant gauges on your system to make sure that it has a proper refrigerant charge. Our technicians are EPA Certified. If you need refrigerant added, it can be done for an additional charge.

  18. Amperage of Compressor

    We put our amp meter on the electrical connections to be sure the compressor is pulling the correct amount of amps.

  19. Amperage on Fan Motor

    We put an amp meter on the electrical connections of the motor to be sure the motor is pulling the correct amps.

  20. Amperage of Heat Strips

    We make sure our heat strips are pulling the correct amount of amps and are functioning properly.

  21. Temperature Differential

    We take a temperature readings across the coil and returns to make sure your system is operating at peak performance.

  22. Warranty

    We give you a 30 day labor warranty.

  23. Condenser Visual Inspection

    We will perform a complete inspection of all the mechanical parts in your outside unit. We make recommendations on any worn or burnt parts we see.

  24. Refrigerant Leak Inspection on Condenser

    We make visual inspection to see if there are any signs of refrigerant oils on any components of the refrigerant system.